Houston Acne Specialists

Already tried everything to clear your acne? You are already our favorite kind of client.

Let’s see if I understand you:

  • You’ve been promised so many times that an acne system or product is going to be your key to clear skin. You tried it, and it didn’t work. Been there, done that.
  • The products you’ve tried in the past made your skin so irritated and/or sensitive that you just couldn’t take it any longer. And besides, you probably were still breaking out. Dry peeling skin AND acne? No bueno… Also been there, done that.
  • Eureka! You found something that actually works… but only for a little while. Then the heartbreak of acne comes right back after having had that glimmer of hope. Yup, been there too.
  • You tried prescription drugs like antibiotics or even Accutane (or its equivalents), maybe got clear for a while, and then started breaking out again. Did the antibiotics with no success, was too scared to try Accutane…

Effective Skin Care Services

You have REALLY good reasons to be skeptical of any clear-skin promises.

As a teen, I never had acne. I could go to sleep with make up on and still have a clear face. But I got older, started having children, and started having…….acne! Mine has been a long and bumpy acne journey, that finally brought me to Houston Acne Specialists. So I mean it when I say that I understand both the physical and psychological struggle of dealing with acne.

In the past, I have lived and worked on four continents. The majority of women on both sides of my family are educators, it’s in my blood. I previously taught high school biology and chemistry, both here and abroad. That’s probably why I really enjoy my consultations. I love getting to know my clients and helping to better educate them on what actually helps and hurts (triggers) when it comes to acne. I also love the detective work of focusing in on what each individual client’s skin actually needs, as opposed to a one size fits all approach that is rarely effective.

Houston Acne Specialists has a proven track record that spans almost a decade and includes thousands of clients. Our program works!  So if you feel like you have tried everything, and want to give up, don’t!  Give us a call and we will help you get the results you deserve. Great skin isn’t a luxury, it’s a lifestyle choice!

Chara R.