Acne Specialists Testimonials

I have spent many, MANY years trying different ways to cure my adult acne. I had clear skin up until I hit 19 years old so I literally didn’t know what to do or where to go for answers considering everything was targeting pubescent children! I tried three dermatologists who all put me on antibiotics that worked for a bit and then caused some side effect or stopped working all together. Tried Proactiv, Clean and Clear, random $80 Sephora masks, Apple cider vinegar, honey, etc. At one point I was taking 7 pills twice a day in order to fight acne from the inside out with vitamins!

Finally, I moved to Houston (about 6 months ago) and I came across Memorial Skin and Laser via Groupon. Cheryl, the owner, was amazing from day 1. She sat me down and explained EVERYTHING about acne, hyper pigmentation, and what the plan going forward would be. I have to admit that the regimen is EXTREMELY strict and I had to get rid of ALL of my hundreds of dollars worth of acne treat and make up.

Additionally, I went through a scary phase for about a month. But after that, my skin became clearer than it had been in 5 years! Of course, I still have dark spots/hyper pigmentation from the scars. But my cystic acne is gone! I will continue to go to Cheryl until she closes the doors ! She worked with me throughout my entire journey and I’m still going back now to treat the dark spots. She is extremely knowledgeable about skin types and how each type responds best to certain treatments. She has my undying gratitude and trust! I 100% recommend this place to anyone who’s serious about improving their skin in any way!

Abbie Pytel
Feb 2016


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 Before & After