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Full Body Laser Hair Removal Treatments


Shaving is never a good idea for the underarms and if ingrown hairs, razor burns, and bacterial infections are not enough to convince you, we don’t know what else will? But if you’re not a fan of colored-armpit hair or you just want to keep your underarms clean, we suggest a much better solution.

Basics Of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a method of removing hair permanently through the use of lasers. The generated energy converts into heat which is then absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle and as a result, the root is destroyed. Once this happens, the root cannot produce hair anymore. Another option, which works as great as the laser, is the Intense Pulsed Light or IPL. It works by producing a wide spectrum of light consumed by a darker object — which is the dark hair. Therefore, this will work best if you have a fair or light skin and dark hair as it may get confused if your skin is dark as well. That being said, IPL is not recommended if you have a dark skin or light or blonde hair. Nonetheless, there’s laser treatments which can be adjusted according to your skin tone and hair color.

But before you book an appointment, here are some of the things you need to know first about laser hair removal Houston and its benefits.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost in Houston, TX?

Shaving, waxing, and plucking take time, but it seems like the only option if you don’t have extra cash. But, if you’re willing to burn a handful of dollars and leave your skin fuzz-free for good, then you can opt for laser hair removal.

The cost depends on your target area or the number of sessions you will have (which is normally around six to eight). To See our prices for laser hair removal please visit here.

Three Main Types Of Lasers

There are several laser-related treatments available but these are the popular laser types that are commonly used when removing hair:

Alexandrite — Of all the laser types, this one of the quickest type to remove hair; however, it only works well if you have light-to-olive skin color.
Diode — This is one of the fastest, most effective laser that is best for light and dark skin.
Nd: YAG — This laser works well on all skin types — light skin to dark tones, and even tanned ones; however, it’s not as efficient as the other types when it comes to light or fine hairs.

Four Areas Where Laser Hair Removal Will Work Best

Laser hair removal can be used on almost any body part where you want to remove hair and it is highly-effective on these areas: lip, chin, underarm, and bikini.

Laser hair removal is an effective way to finally get rid of that stubborn hair and since it is attracted to color or pigment in the hair follicle, anyone with thick, dark, or coarse hair can benefit from this treatment. We know how challenging (and annoying) it is to remove each strand and you can consider this procedure as one of the best options.

But take note: thicker, darker hair may take more time to fully work compared to those with lighter, finer hair. Every result varies per person and the growth of the hair depends on several factors like hormonal changes or hair bulbs becoming active. This means that there’s a tendency for the hair the regrow even after the treatment and may require you to come back again for more sessions.

What Medications Do You Need To Stop Consuming?

Like other skin care treatments, there are certain medications you need to stop before having laser hair removal. In this case, you need to stop photosensitive medications like most antibiotics for at least a week before the procedure. If you have infections and you need to take these meds, what you can do this postpone the treatment for the meantime.

It’s also recommended to skip a few skincare essentials first that has strong actives like alpha hydroxy acids or retinoids as these promote skin cell turnover. As a result, the skin becomes more sensitive and vulnerable and may only do more harm than good during and after the treatment. If you’re not sure about your medication and the skincare products you are using, you may give us a call or book an appointment on our website now.

How Many Sessions Do You Need To See The Results?

As mentioned, there are several factors affecting the hair regrowth and removal, thus the number of sessions you need to have may vary. It also depends on the part of the body you want to treat, but normally, most clients will need at least 6 to 8 sessions to remove the hair completely.

In line with this, you need to religiously attend every session. Most clients skip the next treatment once they notice that the hair growth slows down. This is a big no-no if you don’t want your previous treatments to go to waste. At Houston Acne Specialist, we start with a consultation so we can fully assess the area you want to be treated and to determine the right laser for you. We also end every session with post-care tips and the things you need to do, such as attending the next session, for the treatment to be fully effective.

Do You Still Need To Attend The Next Session If You’re On Your Period?

The answer is — yes! While most waxing salon will ask you to skip their service if you’re on your period, especially if you want to get a bikini wax, a laser hair removal treatment will recommend you to NOT cancel the appointment. Every session is important and this doesn’t exempt women on menstruation. If you are treating your bikini area and you have your monthly visitor, the doctor may just ask you to use a tampon on your treatment day instead.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Treatment Feel?

Although it may provide slight discomfort, it’s not as painful as what most people think especially with numbing. Clients who have received the treatment may describe it as a “gentle, warm pinch” while others may compare it to a rubber band hitting the skin.

Why Does The Doctor Will Ask You To Shave Before The Treatment?

This might sound a little confusing but normally, the aesthetician will ask you to shave the area to be treated prior to laser treatments. This will allow the laser to fully enter the root of the hair effectively. It’s important to shave it and not wax it to ensure that the root stays intact. Also, avoid tweezing or plucking, threading, and bleaching the hair a month before your treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Post-Care
When applying fake tan, be sure to wait for at least three days or until the skin has settled and the inflammation is gone. We suggest that you wear a sunscreen and a moisturizer, especially on the treated area.
Exfoliate the skin after 3 days using a dual action exfoliant. This avoids the follicle from becoming an ingrown hair and encourages them to fall out instead.

To avoid infection or a swollen hair follicle, you should not swim or exercise or go to a sauna or spa for at least 24 hours. Bacteria and chlorine which are present in these areas and activities can irritate your newly-treated skin.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is considered safe and almost painless; however, there are still potential side effects that may occur after the treatment such as scarring, discoloration, blisters, and redness. You may also see your hair growing back after a few sessions so it’s necessary to come back for yearly treatments. Call Houston Acne Specialist to schedule you next laser hair removal treatment.